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The Cat in the fence

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Visitors from cities around the world

Nos visitan desde ciudades alrededor del mundo

The Untold History of the United States

Things that you should know

You should know: That Mrs. Clinton knows where to look for the money, the "good foreign genes" and the prospective "unconditional". According to Wikileak and the BBC of London, the following people where part of a list of 40 names for her potential vice-presidential pick, organized by what Mr. Podesta called "rough food groups", Mrs. Clinton's campaign considered Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates or his wife Melinda as her running mate, according to the hacked email the list included Apple's Tim Cook, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, General Motors' Marry Barra and Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz. Also included Hispanic, white and black men, three former high-ranking military officers, business leaders and female senators. (no ghetto people, I guess)          

            Oh, the Somozas of Nicaragua   All of then buried in Miami    Now you are safe. Nobody insult Americans, we have troops.

"Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch." F.D. Rooselvelt (alledgedly)

You should know:  registration in the Internet for giving opinion is not a rule or necessity, is just a form of violation to the right of privacy and mainly intimidation so you can  be corrected, isolated and in the future incarcerated. The Nazis invented that and exported to others nations after the WWII. The next one (in process: social media. If you want privacy, use email. Is true that the government and some people can infiltrate that medium, but at least you are an important member of government, famous billionaire, narco dealer or serial murder, I do not think anybody will care about who you sleep with or have monetary transaction,

Do not let America to become a Israelite Colony, give it Utah but not the World

Do You Know that the American TV News and the Internet News distributors are more liars than Hitler ever was in  his whole time?

Wait for our article about Aleppo. Do not trust any news from American or their subedits, the scared nations that suffer under lackeys handpicked to serve the ambitious US of A.  The Zionist Jews control every single element of news around the world and with that the ignorant public opinion. That's why you never should trust what you hear, read or see in any misinformation, brainwashing and distorted ads, give it to us as news. The suckers that pretending be serving information never ask the right question are as accomplices as the one that force the agenda. We recently saw in a FOX News one of the myriads of women that, one behind the other, show in the screen talking the same string of phrases like the others, babble, just because almost escaped her lips what pretending be like a question, was the answer. "What can Uni....aaame....well the reason for the Russian, etc" I was so irritated myself that opted for turning the TV off. The answer to the argument "What can the World do with so many deaths?" was "The United States of America can help by just stopping - themselves - the killing of innocents in other countries like Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq" - that will be part, if not all, the solution.  We are like the enemy, exactly, and to present like heroes at the people that commit crimes make criminals of us, you and me.



Those people are finishing, not only with Muslim, but also with Palestinians, Blacks, Latin Americans, Women and child, and then us will be the next one. They have not the power We the People are the Power. They control the cowboys that used to kill Natives, but they are the same people with guns.

 Where do you think are the soldiers that all politicians talk about it like the wonderful people of the present? Let me tell you, they are not defending us, they are helping to destroy the earth, finish with the oil, kill innocent people. When killing what they call their enemies, not our enemies, their are defending themselves, (their are invaders, or they do not know the difference?) they are making their job, their are obeying orders, they are soldiers. They get paid for that! 

The same with every person that have a duty, from taking care of their families to defending their property. Heroes save life, not shoot in the back with special rifles, or shoot from an airplane to somebody that is hiding, or shot in the back at somebody running. We the people, used to call those that abused their power, in any nation, pigs. Now, even when the president is known as African American, even though is, apparently, half and half, the word pig is not used, as taboo as the n.. word. 

We are becoming marionettes in the hands of a (almost) police state, no freedom to express our real reasoning. The technology, controlled by the masters of every big business, control every single aspect of our life, what we eat, listen, enjoy and even our votes. The  human factor is only there to justify every single detail of the machine. From a machine that stop one conversation, to another that decides the DNA of a baby. Or we stop that, or that will stop us.  

If we survive, the abuses, tricks and menaces coming from everything Jewish, meaning all that have to do with freedom and thinking: phone, internet, press, radio, packages, movies, programs, etc., If we (me) have that opportunity, then we will post articles denouncing what is wrong with the apparent fight/coalition between US of A and Russia. 

Those scripts made under the same pretenses that make people belief that the Obama administration was fighting ISIS when analysis probe it was as the Taliban and Al Qaeda, just a movie news curtain preparing us for a police state.  People can not see the wave of abuses disguised as defense against terrorism, just been blind it by absurd information. Nobody is attacking America, is our own government looking for excuses. They change tactics in every comment that many of us made.

We can't  change who or what is elected president. But we can show that a lot of us are not stupid. Do not follow the crowd just because they are a crowd. Follow them because you feel part of that mass. But by the same token, think, What percent controls the money?  Are you part of that percentage? Do you have part in the revolving door of money and power in this country? Are you the part of the 1% that have all the information in their hands to control the world? Yes? Then my more sincere condolences. Enjoy while you can because you can not control everybody. Just the ones that are living with the head under the sand. 

Did you answer no to all those question, then do not play stupid. Short of running yourself- tell me, I will vote for you too.- Let me first explain that there are a lot of people that control the president, is not what you think. People of good faith has been lost  trying to fight with "democracy". Names like Allende, Cristina Fernández, Dilma Rousseff, and who knows. Like I say, to do the right thing in a democracy like NATO and our country are trying to impose, is almost impossible. We have to do it first. We have the power to make good, to show the way to the world. What we are doing now, besides pretending that our presidents are: "leaders of the world" is not only childish, but  is just filth and decadent.

  Do not vote and increase the opportunity for war, but made the system know, with your absence from the pre-programmed computer, that the politicking experimented in the rest of America,with the Condor Plan, can not be applied to WE THE PEOPLE of United States. We have to show the nations, including ours,  that the government planned by our forefathers, is not this representation of anti democratic activities, crimes against humanity and playing against the will of the poor people. That is time to finish with this theatrics of the absurd represented by children been murdered in places that have nothing to do with our problems, hospitals been destroyed, big guns against helpless women and elderly people. Helping Israel to steal the land of the Palestinian and murdering the few people left, with our money.  Increasing the refugees in the world by making life impossible in some parts of Syria and other parts of the universe. We are the problem, at least for them, you and me, supporting this band of bullies, formed by thugs imported out of places that we abused, slaved and shed of patriotism, love for freedom and decency.

The American dream, in case that many never notice is not to be the Lords of the World, to conquer Mars, or Venus, or the whole universe. Is not to take all the women of the world and make it our slaves, or to make the whole human race and let us win in every competence, no matter what. Is not to kill every living thing (even though we have plenty of those individuals) the American Dream is to have a good house, to get a degree, to get a job, to reach a position in competition with our peers, to find love, a good place to hunt or fish, a good bar where to enjoy a drink, and a good bed too rest or whatever. You can defend that, not the ambitions, utopia and debauchery of every Steve Jobs, William Gates, or Cheney, or Kissinger, or Nixon, or any President want to be. Most of they are not even close to be a real American. If they want to steal more that we steal from Mexico, or to make treaties to help nations at our own cost, forget it. If they want to bring slaves (with salary) forget it, if they want to bring qualified personal forget it. They have to learn to prepare our forces in here, not bring it from outside like every empire did. We do not want the supers from comics, we want real people, the ones that work for a living. US of A. Have enough clown in the history books and in the present. 

By the way we welcome the Jewish, if they do not shovel their love for gold in our faces.

Len Zayas 10/01/2016

Make America Great Again!  Raise salaries!


The red menace just never gets old. Apocalypse in Venezuela

Ecuador reitera en ONU apoyo a causa palestina

The process against Dilma Rousseff 

Breve recordatorio en español para los que se olvidaron del Plan Cóndor en 1970/1980

O problema não é que nós tentar alcançar o sonho americano, se não no processo que não dormir o resto da humanidade. Len Zayas

Breve lembrete em Português para quem esqueceu o plano Condor em 1970 / 1980

                                   Israel un país históricamente destructor, mancha de la humanidad, de donde hasta el Redentor salió crucificado.     

 La colonización continúa. Las expropiaciones de tierras y propiedades a las personas palestinas, incluidas las que habitan en la propia ciudad de Jerusalén, que los cónsules europeos ratifican cada año, por parte de las autoridades sionistas es un hecho cotidiano que goza de buena salud, entre otras cosas por la complicidad de los gobiernos y del conjunto de la comunidad internacional. Sólo durante los 4 primeros meses de 2016 ya se ha superado el número total de demoliciones del año anterior.

Tomado de:

When America had a glance to  honest, unbiased and true journalism

AlJazeera America Good Bye

The American Democracy is only for U.S.A. not even for Israel

BDS: BOICOT, DESINVERSION Y SANCIONES (Do not buy Kosher or Israeli Dirty with blood Products)

La lucha contra el terrorismo judío y el aparteid en Palestina

The Fight for the Liberation of Palestine

Things you should read to avoid been just a yam with a tie and a phone.  (About Americans stupidity)

La epidemia de disinformación tiene un origen conocido

The Jewish are a bunch of liars. They love to make their voice  amplified no matter what. The biggest lies were published in their famous Bible. Those racist thugs disguised as prophets, in the biggest pamphlet written in the world, even pretend to have conversation with God (the creator). Pretending to be leaders of the world (a crazy imitation of euro-Americans infiltrated through Ellis Island and disguising the history with the tales of illegal aboriginals and " Irish. Italian, Russian and other 'Legal Americans'") If you can believe that God did have to ask Cain. where his brother was, and Abraham to cut the head of his son, and David to throw babies in a oven, and to Moses to take Canaan like a freaking bullish, and if you can believe that God direct those Jewish expelled from Egypt in a Merry-Go-round on the dessert, and if you believe that "everybody" hates Jewish because they are the people of God, and if you believe that Jesus the Christ, been what some people call "the best human been in the face of the earth" can be genetically tied to this weird, envious and distorted people THEM you deserve to also belief that we Americans are superior been, that we have all those base and soldiers around the word to "protect ourselves". You deserve to belief that we grow from 13 stunted colonies to 50+ just because Jehovah (or somebody like that) give us the right to take whatever we want (or he tell us to do it) and He wants US to control the world and give the humanity the good example of how to make slaves of the people of God in earth,  or give us the blessing in how to build armaments (including atomic bombs that we throw over the head of, no samurais or warriors, but Japanese peasants in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that had, at the time, the same responsibility or ability that "We the people" had when our freaking military ( called heroes by the ignorant, depraved and warmongering Jewish press)  used for hospitals to be bombed, kids to be killed and American to be assassinated without trial, by "soldiers" working, without risk or conscience, from an air conditioned and safe office, simply because there are not any fictitious hero, like Mac Cloud or any Knight, with the decorum of doing it in front of the accused face. Drones, napalm, bombs, snipers, today, are the version of the biblical savages in the biblical past. The same fallacies, lies and results. Hope the real God have mercy in us when the moment of true arrive. Len Zayas

Hablando a lo cubano --Yuma es un Paraiso

Hablando a lo cubano -- Teléfono Inteligente

Freedom by force, over your death body, if necessary. 

Vea el reportaje en español de RT para entender cosas en que quizás no haya pensado. use icono para móviles 

 Rusia Hoy TV en español  use icono para móviles


La Cueva de Ali Babá y sus Cuarenta Ladrones 

Only Zionist have the right to opinion... Hamas does not stand a chance. Palestinian are like blacks, if you are against yourself, you can talk (a little), large of tokens in TV.  Despise that, the popular American media prefers bad English. We do not want a cultivated nation because all the Big Enterprises will go to waste! Knowledge make people Free, not slave of Jewish utopias. The best can express the truth. once in a while, but it cost jobs, future and money. You judge.- How can we be a free press?

  Did you ever wonder Why ISIS do not bother Israel

Puerto Rico: ¿Casi-estado, colonia o limbo?

El copresidente del Movimiento Independentista de Puerto Rico, Julio Murientes, en entrevista para teleSUR, explicó que "ni hay una promesa, ni hay un rescate, y mucho menos hay ayuda, porque no es que nos estén ayudando a nosotros sino que la preocupación principal es cómo satisfacer las demandas de los acreedores que están reclamando y exigiendo que se les paguen los más de 70 mil millones de dólares y el Congreso de Estados Unidos inmediatamente se ha movilizado no para servir a los intereses de nuestro pueblo sino para servir al reclamo de estos acreedores. Y entonces nos imponen una junta imperial dirigida únicamente a la búsqueda de esa cantidad enormel

telesur (video)

Netanyahu and the United States Congress vs. The American People/ the World

 Atención: Los siguientes videos no son aptos para menores o personas religiosamente  sensitivas... el editor

**Inglés con subtítulos en español   -  English with Spanish captions

{f using mobiles press the video icon)

Netanyahu lord in USA Attila in Palestine 

Jesse Ventura explain the low sense of true in the media "journalists"

Netanyahu under the vision of a Real American that knows what's important

Jimmy Carter and the Panamanian Born John McCain 

Los "buenos ejemplos" que brinda la propaganda judia a los jovenes del mundo. 

Los Sionistas y los deseos de Israel       **El por qué de los abusos nazis contra los judios

**Como la televisión Judeo-Americana se burla de Jesús mediante  "comediantes"

 Attention:  No apt for minors or  religious sensitive adults... the editor


Algo en deportes (La política toma sobre el entretenimiento)

F.I.F.A. is to sports what N.A.T.O. is to world peace; a RIP-OFF!

F.I.F.A. es a los deportes lo que N.A.T.O. es a la paz mundial; ¡un ENGAÑO!

  (len zayas)

(El  invento del FBI : te regalan dinero y cuando lo tomas te arrestan por ladrón)

El lobo cuidando las ovejas de la FIFA .  La operación "picar" funcionó.  

They show off like saviors!  That's the way the devil operates.

 (el mismo truco que usan los Americanos  para vender juguetes

 llamados teléfonos, el resultado es adquirir control "democrática" y "justicieramente")

Le problème causé par des personnes vivant aux États-Unis. Il ne faut pas essayer de réaliser le «rêve américain», mais que dans le processus, de ne pas laisser Ils dorment paisiblement le reste de l'humanité. Len Zayas

De CONMEBOL a comebolas. (banqueros y abogados yankies, Ali Babá anda suelto)

Como decía mi abuela: "Es mejor malo conocido que bueno por conocer"



Len I. Zayas (Editor and Webmaster)


Will you put a pig in your garden? Apparently the Republican Party leader do!

If you like vegetables (mainly kosher) and some pigs, just visit this page (do not pass the comments)

The present American Congress is an altar to the Judaism and an aberration to freedom.

"Marching to Zion" For all those Evangelicals that think of Israel as the people of God

(When those that call themselves "Americans" based in their distorted inherited "Supremacist ideas",  make gala of their endeavors in the presence of (unfortunately for them) not less American, their cowboy (bullish) attitude get highlighted together with all the other Jewish idiosyncratic traits inherited by our refugees ancestors. Together with the Biblical fables, the wars against weaker nations, and their historical involvement with all kind of despotic imperialism (ties so strong that the holocaust could not humble them) the Jews, like the Cubans, developed a sense of "Superiority" and "Self-reliance" instead of absorbing the humanity and condescendence of the typical American people. The ability of the Semitic (and Cuban) people  to make money, politic and trouble is damaging the prestige and confidence of peoples from other races and latitudes, in the real American: the people.) The Congress of United States is a conglomerate of advertising products, like their fellows in the media they also are the result of strong mouths attached to weak brains. Is enough to hear the interviews of American politicians, generals and ex-tough guys when confronted with qualified journalist, the excuses for their stupid, and some time anti-patriotic, decisions (not counting illegal and criminals) and comparing to the same journalist when interviewing some of the new generation of world leaders, shows that no matter the use that the press give to the individuals, they always will show smartness. If We The People do not do something to stop the getting involved at the wrong moment, for the wrong reason and with the wrong people, we are going to awake someday in Berlin year zero in place of New York City. Len Zayas Feb/2015

You vote for them... For what?  they are more concern with protecting the Zionist  than taking care of their own American people. Those that use the name of God while stripping the land from the Palestinian, provoking the Iranian and attacking every small city just to revenge what happens to them long time ago. Those are living at our expenses and patience. Israelites crying for help get, always, the American Congress behind their back. Your American Congress is just a garden cultivated by the Jews with money staked from our own taxes. That make your proud congress people just a bunch of cultivated vegetables, yes people, parrots that use complicated palavering, flags bearer in unjustified deaths. Republican or Democrats are just lawyers tired of chasing ambulances and now chase any easy money, thanks to your vote. If this is a sign of democracy we are in very bad shape. When a law maker say about an African American dead by negligence, (ignorance or abuse): "He died because was too fat" or a representative (of what?) say: "We should assassinate every non-democratic leader" or the ones that interpret the law indict the just and do not investigate the wrong doer... What laws can we expect from this people?  and They do really know what democracy stand for? lz


Representative democracy or oligarchy revolving door?   

The Last Bullet by: Len Zayas (editorial)

The Real International Heroes of Freedom and Democracy in 2013

It was George Bush an average bad president?

"A Face In The Crowd" about Ronald Reagan

America is not the Greatest Anymore

Did you ever hear of Canaan, Palestine or Israel?

Is there a parallelism between the people in Gaza and the people in Ferguson, Mo?

What Zionist can teach about controlling majorities   

"The pen is mightier than the sword" 

(When is not sold out!)

Un presidente no se debe a las regulaciones oligarcas, se debe al

bienestar y la voluntad de su pueblo. Otra cosa es tiranía. len zayas

Israel: Racismo, xenofobia y manipulación del miedo

"Marchando a Sion" Para aquellos que crean que Jesús practicaba la religión judía

Los Verdaderos Héroes de la Libertad y la Democracia en el 2013

El Último Cartuchazo

El pedido de las barras fue obedecido 


Cuentos de  Muchachos que se repiten

Triunfo de Correa, una derrota para los globalizadores



Marianao    Manzanillo    El Cerro


"We take advantage of the freedom of expression, no because the Bills of Rights, but because Google and Yahoo, the ones in charge of controlling it." Len Zayas

"The freedom of expression is just a fallacy while dissemination be on the hands of fascists" Len Zayas